Tuesday, July 28, 2009

"Family Vacation," or, "Perhaps I Should Trade Clomid for Xanax"

Bye Friends! I'm off to vacation with the in-laws, the brothers- and sisters-in-law and their big broods of kiddies, kiddies, kiddies. Nothing like a familial slap in the face to keep me in my place.

Normally I would have brought my laptop with me on this trip-o-horrors, but if you haven't heard, BumpMister managed to spill a Starbucks on its shiny white face earlier this week. So it's in the hospital for the week. Don't. Get. Me. Started.

But anyway... thanks for hanging out with me this week ladies. I'll be back on Monday to share my experiences with the big C (yes, the Clomid - I took my first little hope-in-a-pill today). Hopefully I don't experience the bitchtastic side effect that everyone keeps telling me about or I'm likely to punch an unsuspecting family member in the face the second they say, "Sooo when are yooooou twoooo going to start thinking about...."

Wish me luck!

1 comment:

  1. Good luck!!! Sorry to hear about your laptop mishap. Will await Clomid and family stories upon your return!