Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Bitch Is Back

So here's the thing: Infertility is a bitch and should be treated like one. Meaning, she should be made fun of behind her back and laughed at in her face when she tries to act all holier-than-thou. When she's being too rude for words, she should be completely ignored and not invited to the party - at which party it is our duty to have the best time ever just to show Infertility that she is not the center of our universe. And when Infertility gets almost too hard to deal with, it's perfectly acceptable to resort to hair pulling.

I've dealt with more than a fair share of bitches in my 28 years, but Infertility is a formidable foe unlike any I've ever met before. She's ironic, cunning and downright abusive. She tricks us into thinking she's our best friend every month, only to turn around and betray our confidence. And although we deep-down-hate-her-guts, we still want to be her friend.

This blog is for all women who know Infertility and are sick of being nice to her face. It's a slam-book where we can vent about her latest snarkiness and make light of her most recent attempts to cut us down. And we can do it all without feel guilty - Infertility has it coming.

Watch your back, Infertility. You're going down.


  1. Thanks for visiting my blog! And as for that bitch, Infertility... I'M IN!!!!

  2. OOO....I would so love to kick Infertility's ass!!!