Friday, July 24, 2009

Too Much of a Good Thing

I know this may come as a complete shock, friends, but sometimes - yes sometimes - your dear BumpBlogger has been known to, well, overdo it a little. So when I went to see my OBGYN after not having my period for more than three months and she asked "Has anything changed in your life? Are you exceedingly stressed? Are you working out excessively?", I smiled innocently and asked: "Can you please define exceedingly and excessively?"

Because if exceedingly stressed means that I run around all day at work like a madwoman and then come home and obsess about my empty womb, and if excessive exercise means that I work out seven days a week - sometimes (eek! I'm embarrassed!) twice a day, then yes, Dr. Obigeewyan, I am exceedingly stressed and I am working out excessively.

"Well, I have been working out a little bit more..."

"That might be it." Dr. Obigeewyan smiled and shut my file decisively, pleased that she so easily got to the root of my problem.

"But...but...working out is good for you!" I whined desperately, fidgeting in my white paper robe. I instantly felt like I was getting the brush off. "That can't be it!"

"Just try to cut it down to three days a week," she said, scribbling a prescription for Provera.

So when I left the office, of course I instantly started stressing over the fact that my excessive exercise was stopping me from getting pregnant. This was quickly following by me berating myself for getting even more exceedingly stressed, another root cause of my no-show period.

It's been a little more than two weeks since that appointment. And it's been hard to use my willpower to relax rather than to help drag my ass out of bed at 5 a.m. to go to the gym, but I'm adjusting. I have worked out three times a week - and no spinning or marathon runs, just the easy-peasy elliptical for me. I have also taken seven days worth of Provera - my last day was Tuesday. And I have yet to get my period.

So take your pick, o body o' mine. You can either be skinny and unpregnant or chubby and pregnant. Chubby and unpregnant is not an option. Stop stressin' me out.

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