Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Target Practice

It's been 10 days since I took my last Clomid. I've started each of those 10 days the exact same way - stumbling into the bathroom at 4:30 a.m. ... frantically pulling the too-teeny cup out of the "Answers" ovulation predictor kit box ... and peeing all over my left hand.

Keepin' it classy.

When BumpMister first saw my OPK paraphrenalia, he looked confused. "I didn't know girls could aim."

"They can't," I mumbled.

Because, let's be honest, these OPKs are ridiculous. A small plastic cup? First morning pee? Slivers of paper that are only good for 30 days?! It sounds like a sick black magic ritual.

And in a way, it kind of is. OPKs reduce us normally sane women into crazy Rorschach analysts, agonizing over the color and density of a whispy pink line that, and I quote, "should not be read before four minutes - or after five minutes." Because that would just make things way too easy.

Over the course of these past 10 days, I have been reduced to doing many things I am not proud of. I have woken up my husband out of a deep sleep, put his glasses on his face, and asked him to confirm my suspicions that Line B was at least 80% of the color density of Line A. I have run around my house examining test strips under every type of light available - overhead, natural, florescent, oh my! I have PEED on my HAND, for christ sake.

All of this, and I don't think I've yet had a positive test.

OPKs, piss off.


  1. Hi, First morning pee is not the one you want to use for testing for ovulation.

    LH builds in your system through out the day - ther later you test the better the chance of the tests detecting your LH surge.

    Test between 4pm and 8pm in the evening - limit fluid intake for a few hours before and hold your pee for as long as you can to make it more concentrated.

    This is the correct method for detecting ovulation - morning pee is no good.

    Good luck and best wishes for a BFP

  2. Jo is right - i can't imagine why the directions would tell you to use your first morning urine. I ordered my ovulation tests from testsforless.com (way cheaper - and you can get tons - also the most accurate as far as I know). I used big red solo cups to pee in (so no peeing on the hand!). And it can be helpful to check twice a day because the LH surge has a VERY small window when it occurs. But most likely time to see it is in the afternoon. 14 weeks pregnant over here after a year of trying!! Good luck to you! I also took my basal body temperature which wasn't informative in terms of telling (ahead of time) when i ovulated - but it was helpful in letting my know that i WAS ovulating after the fact and getting to know my cycle. Hang in there - it's not pretty, but it'll work out!

  3. Really?! Wow thanks for the input Jo and Pam.

    My stupid CVS Daily Ovulation Predictor strips say under Q&A #5: "For best results, we recommed you test with your first urine of the day."

    That's it; twice a day for me from now on :)