Saturday, August 22, 2009

Go team go!

BumpMister is obsessed with Fantasy Football. He buys all these magazines with stats and articles that, for all I can understand, are written in straight Calculus. He spends countless hours hypothesizing with his brofriends about who to draft and in what particular order the best players will be selected. And the worst: he monopolizes the MacBook he bought ME in the sad guise of supporting my writing career to check his score and do whatever else these silly boys do all weekend during football season.

Naturally, I scoff at his obsession. I call him a nerd and take a nap on the couch while he screams at the TV. It just seems crazy.

But then I got to thinking ... which is always dangerous ... Isn't what we're all doing a little like Fantasy Football? Buying magazines and reading articles about the best ways to conceive, tweeting and blogging with our girlfriends to get the best answers, monitoring every action, hypothesizing about what will happen before it does?

Ok, it's a little bit of stretch. I mean, if my husband wins his Fantasy Football league, he wins $500. If I win at Fantasy Pregnancy, I win a baby. That aside...

We're all playing, and we're all keeping score. So ... what does your scorecard look like?

Right now, here's mine:

10 months TTC: +100 points
3 months no period: -30 points
1 cycle Provera: +10 points
1 period: +10 points
1 cycle Clomid: +50 points
3 BFNs this month: -30 points
2 weeks no alcohol: +20 points
1 dinner party with pregnant friend: +1,000 points

That adds up to ... me being ahead of where I was 10 months ago. And that's all that counts.

Three cheers to all of us winning this year.

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