Monday, December 14, 2009


In second grade, it was a blue rabbit's foot. I remember it was feathery soft, with a tarnished gold chain dangling from one end. It simply meant "luck," because back then, things were that simple.

In high school, it was a silver ring with a turquoise stone set in the middle of an eagle. My mom had bought it on an Indian reservation out West when she and my father drove across the country in a Volkswagen bus. I wore it on my pinky. It meant "boundless opportunities." It radiated heat.

In college, it was a dried rose. It was left in my dorm room by BumpMister on our first Valentine's Day. We were 19. It meant "promise." I have always kept it.

Today, it has multiplied to many. It is a tiny gold elephant that traveled from India in the pocket of a friend who hoped to bring us luck. It is a wooden string of Rosary beads purchased on a sweltering day at the Vatican by parents with a grandchild in their prayers. It is an unlabeled CD that buoyed a sister-in-law as she drifted through her own hard time.

Trinkets. Objects. Things. Items. Yet so much more.

Life. Friendship. Family.


What is your talisman?


  1. Posting for the first time here, but have been reading for a while :-)

    My talisman would have to be my grandfather's rosary beads. For my wedding day I wanted something old to carry with me and was planning on sticking it in my bouquet, so my mom gave me her dad's rosary beads, which just so happened to also be blue. Perfect.

    Throughout this tough time in our life, I constantly talk and pray to my Pop. Having his rosary beads with me is a blessing, because when I hold them I truly feel he can hear me. I know he's cheering us on up there, and I know he's in the works to help us out.

  2. Thanks so much for sharing, Auntie K. I think it's so important to have tangible things to keep us connected to those who aren't with us. I'm sure your talisman will bring you blessings.